Ar. Hj. Zulkifli A. Karim

Managing Director

"Architecture addresses not only aesthetics and conceptual aspects, but more of what is seen in three - dimensional form. The completed objects are artefacts with life that portray the written words and the architects' ideas. The three dimensional form will lead the manifestation of architect's perception"

Ar. Mohd Sabri B. Mahadi

Assoc. Director

Muhammad Taufiq

Design Director

Fatimah Ani Syahira


Nurul Afidah


Amirah Hanis

Account Executive

Wan Intan Yuhanis

Admin Asst

Muhammad Noor

Project Architect


Project Architect

Mohamad Yuzir

Senior Technical Asst


Senior Technical Asst


Senior Technical Asst

Mohd Zarul Asyraf

Technical Asst

Mohd Nurhalif

Project Architect

Ashrieyl Fakhirin

Project Architect